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Larmonie Group, LLC

Investigative Services Agency

The "Group" in Larmonie Group is based on an available number of colleagues, associates, and resources that the owner has built over a 39 year career in investigative services. We are able to loop in other professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, corporate investigations, security, banking/finance, as well as forensic polygraph services. This talent pool is then coordinated to help our clients in a variety of personal and professional situations. Our extended network is ready to put their years of training, experience, and best practices at your disposal. 

Tony Raymond, owner of Larmonie Group, LLC, is a retired New England Police Chief with 24 years of law enforcement experience. For the next 7 years, he was the Director of Investigative Services & Security for Comcast, as their senior leader in the Northeast Division, covering regional markets from Washington, DC, north to Canada - and as far west as Chicago. Tony has specialized in corporate investigations, workplace violence, theft schemes, and both internal and external asset protection. Combined with his previous experience as a detective with property crimes, crimes against families, and his undercover narcotics experience with the NH Attorney General's Office, Tony brings to his clients a strong balance of government and private sector knowledge. Tony is a former Police Academy Instructor, School Board Chairperson, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has served on the Board of Directors for the NH League of Investigators, and was appointed to the NH Governor's Private Investigator & Security Advisory Board.

all in a name.

We are often asked - Who or what is LARMONIE?  

"Larmonie", (pronounced LAR-MAH-NEE), relates to the very first case Mr. Raymond ever worked, which was very personal. He was 18 years old, an adult adoptee, and searching for his biological mother - and during that case he discovered his last name at  birth was Larmonie - a popular name on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin, his biological family's place of origin.