Larmonie Group, LLC

Investigative Services Agency

What we can do for you...

Investigative Services is a developing profession based on the "Private Detective" model, but with more advanced skills, training, and options available.

Individuals...  Some of our clients can have very private and confidential matters happening in their lives or within their family, and sometimes they need a skilled investigator and analyst to find and understand information.

- background investigations of any type

- neighbor conflicts and disputes

- Polygraph services (Lie Detector) to support alcohol/drug issues, internal theft, or other private integrity issues.

- Find missing relatives... Have ancestry research performed... Adoption search and reunion support. 

Local Governments & School Districts...  Occasionally a local town/city council or school board might need to control a situation and better understand internal happenings... to best evaluate their options, and in order to keep matters private and confidential.

- Fraudulent residency claims...  when people are living outside a district and avoiding tuition fees

- Highly personal matters where an employee might be operating outside ethical boundaries

- Due Diligence Background Investigations for municipal employees - specializing in Police Officer Pre-Employment processes

- Injury/Worker's Compensation or other Insurance matters where an independent investigator is the best starting point

Business...   We support Attorneys, Insurance Companies, and private industry - because sometimes you need advanced levels of help to minimize your risk.

- Employment Background Investigations...  verify your applicant's information and be diligent about who you are placing in contact with co-workers, customers, and members of the public.

- When you suspect employee theft or fraud but want to verify your suspicions so you can evaluate your best responses.

- When you need workplace investigations performed independently, and without claims of bias.

- Witness support... locating, interviews, statements, forensic polygraph services.